Our Company

Industry leaders providing security solutions and unparalleled service to Henderson, NC.

Patrick Newcomb

Patrick started in the IT industry in 1998 while still in High School. After graduating, he attended Vance Granville Community College and received an Associates Degree in Information Systems / Network Administration. He then attended East Carolina University and received a B.S. degree in Business Education / Information Technologies. Working in the industry while attending school allowed him to learn about the industry he was already working in and gain experience prior to graduating. Along the way, he also received certifications of Microsoft Certified Professional, Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator, and CompTIA Network+. Patrick worked for several other companies before starting Newcomb Computers in 2008.

Jennifer Newcomb

Jennifer joined the company in 2011. She previously worked in the childcare industry which gives her the patience to work with computers. After joining the company, she has worked in many different areas. She takes care of the office and bookkeeping. She has also been a field technician traveling to customer sites to take care of the technical problems. Currently, she operates our retail store, helps customers, and handles all of the mobile phone repair items that come into the store as well as repairing desktops and laptops brought into our retail store. Jennifer married Patrick Newcomb in 2011. Interestingly, they had known each other since the first grade, but reconnected 9 years after high school and started dating and got married.

Our Values


We believe in only using the best quality products and installing them the right way, no matter what. Quality is something we stand behind, and we have built our reputation on being the best in the Henderson, NC area.


We are local to the Henderson, NC area, and we believe in treating every one of our customers and clients as if they’re family. We give you the best service at the best possible price.


Our commitment is to deliver more than what we promise, not to promise more than we can deliver. We are always upfront, honest, and open with our clients throughout the entire process.


We are here when you need us, and are always focused on giving you what we promise. We know that our reputation matters, and that’s why we stand by what we do and always do what we say.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple – to give Henderson, NC businesses and homeowners all of the solutions that they need. From video security to network installation to server upkeep, we focus on making life easier for all of our clients and on giving them the peace of mind that they deserve to have.

Our Vision

We believe in helping create a Henderson, NC community that is happy and confident in their security as well as in the technological systems that drive us into the future. We work hard to bring that vision into reality, giving you the help and the resources needed to rest easy knowing you are protected and secure.

What Our Customers Say

Dennis Myers

Fantastic IT support for our networks, security cams and phones. I highly recommend Newcomb Computers. Great support.

Adrian Varney

So knowledgeable. Had the screen and battery needed to fix my phone screen and update my battery. Phone was ready in less than an hour. And the screen replacement is perfect, no more off centered touches/text from my last repair!

Cassie Jarrell

They were very friendly and had the parts on site. They fixed my sons screen in a timely manner. The prices were affordable.

Brittbritt Brandon

I went in and got two iPhone screens fix. They are really nice and I now know where to go if my screen cracks again. They are great!

Jennifer Williams

They were so helpful, timely and courteous!

Karen Poythress

I was having some issues with my Mac. I took it to Patrick. He diagnosed and repaired it promptly and the repair cost was very reasonable. Thank you Patrick & Jennifer.

Brittany Barnett

Done a great job with my iPhone 6s.

Mary Tanner

Our network was down Monday and I couldn't get my work done. They got us back up and running

Jackie Sergent

They are responsive and knowledgeable.